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Past Events

Past events

Fourth Jerusalem Leaders Summit

Fourth Jerusalem Leaders Summit
Spring 2020

A high-level Public policy conference where the desert blooms,
innovation thrives and timeless principles are affirmed.

Focusing on Economy, Healthcare, Investments in Innovation, Technology

The Inaugural US – India Leaders Summit, Washington, DC

The US – India Leaders Summit
September 18, 2019
Washington, DC

Indian American Leaders Roundtable, Washington, DC

Indian American Leaders Roundtable, Washington, DC

The American Economy, Healthcare and Cybersecurity
April 29 – May 1, 2019

India – US Leaders Summit

A High-Level Public Policy Conference on Investments, Trade and Security

Addressing the Rise of Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Revisionism in Europe

Featured Speakers: Efraim Zuroff, Director, The Simon Wiesenthal Center Israel’s Office and Eastern European Affairs and Chief Nazi Hunter Natasha Srdoc, Co-Founder, International Leaders Summit Joel Anand Samy, Co-Founder, International Leaders Summit

Third Jerusalem Leaders Summit

The Third Jerusalem Leaders Summit will focus on strengthening the rule of law, advancing economic freedom and free trade, and featuring contributions from the fields of innovation and technology that benefit individuals around the world. For the 201

The First and Second Jerusalem Leaders Summit Events

The International Leaders Summit brought together leaders from America, Britain, continental Europe, India and Israel to its inaugural Jerusalem Leaders Summit event in 2015, affirming the rule of law civilization, based on shared principles and valu